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She knew that Jordan was dying to look at her tits and she wanted to let him have a really good long look, the kind of look that made your skin burn inside. So she offered to play a quick game of bowling before they took their relationship to the next level. It was just like in the movies when two people challenged each other on the dance floor, except that the prize for winning was enormous breasts, and it didn’t matter who won… as long as one of them lost! He could see right through her beautiful thin blouse; golden lamé fabric gathered tightly together by her soft, warm flesh. Her huge tits were swelling up against each other, jiggling and about to burst out. She wasn’t wearing anything else underneath, so he got a clear view of the dark pink nipples that were hardening in anticipation of feeling his mouth touch them. When he looked up and saw her sultry eyes staring back at him, all rational thought fled from his mind.

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