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Her long red curly hair hangs down her back like an elven river of blood. Her bright blue eyes are piercing, if you stare too long they can wrench your soul from your chest. Her tits, an amazing rack of giant breasts hanging from her chest, are bursting from her bra. She’s wearing a tight black skirt and a tight red top. Her lips are glossy and red and her make-up is thick. Her hair is in a ponytail and she’s wearing lipstick.

Her tits are so fucking tits. They are the most perfect tits you have ever seen. They are the tits of a famous model, the tits of a goddess.

Her tits are the best part of her fucking body. They are the perfect size, nice and full, just enough to fit in your hand. They are soft and creamy, full and firm, with dark nipples that always point straight forward.

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